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Alireza Shokoohi

M.Sc. Student

    Welcome to my website! My name is Ali and I'm a third-year Master's student in the Lamp Lab in the Department of Entomology at the University of Maryland, College Park. 

    Continue reading to learn more about my professional background, research interests, and teaching and extension goals


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    Research Interests

    My interests are centered on biodiversity and its importance to the sustainability of all life on earth. Practices leading to increased biodiversity have great potential for enhancing sustainability in a variety of contexts including agroecosystems. 

    Much of my research thus far has fallen under integrated pest management (IPM) and conservation biological control (CBC). I am currently investigating management practices that increase pest predation by ground beetles in crop fields by enhancing natural enemy populations in non-crop field margin habitats. 

    Click below to learn more about my interests as well as past and current research I am involved in. 

    Teaching & Extension

    I believe research and education are closely interlinked, wherein a major end goal of research should be the dissemination of acquired knowledge, and a major goal of education should be to inspire others with a curiosity to continue to discover more about the world around them. In my teaching experience, I've sought to create an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and cooperation with others. 

    In an age in which access to information is steadily becoming less of a hurdle, simply providing information is no longer the top priority of educators. I believe the value of scientific professionals and educators is in inspiring a passion for the world around us, as well as guiding others through this sea of information and providing them with the necessary context to make informed decisions. 

    Click below to learn more about my teaching philosophy as well as my background and experiences relating to teaching and extension. 

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